Is Profollica Safe?

Profollica is a three part system that is made from natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth. You don’t have to buy any other hair products when you use the Profollica system as it consists of a shampoo, a gel and pills which contain all natural ingredients necessary for the growth of healthy hair.

If you have been considering a hair transplant try the Profollica system first as it is much cheaper than a transplant and it works.

First of all you use the shampoo as you would any other. It produces a creamy, luxurious foam that you massage into your scalp to remove any unnecessary dandruff or other hard skin which clogs up the hair follicles. This shampoo will reduce any dryness of the scalp or hair and leave you with healthy, shiny, hair with bounce.

After rinsing off the shampoo you apply the gel. This should be gently rubbed into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and kick start them into producing healthy hair. It promotes growth by revitalizing the hair follicles. You should massage this gel into your scalp and leave it on, as you would a normal conditioner.

The third treatment is the pills which contain more than two dozen vitamins, minerals and amino acids which your body might be lacking. These Profollica pills are a nutritional supplement with ingredients that are needed to stimulate the hair follicles into action, enabling them to produce healthy hair.

It is recommended that you wash your hair and massage the scalp every day as well as taking the pills on a daily basis. If you follow the instructions, Profollica will work wonders for your hair. You will have no more worries about being prematurely bald. It works for both men and women.

Jigsaw Comparison and Testing

The Winner: Bosch JS572EL

We looked at blade changes, bevel adjustments, and cord length to determine our ease of use category winner. These are all the features that make it easier to get the job done when making those critical cuts with a jigsaw.Jigsaw Comparison and Testing

A good blade change includes an easy to actuate blade release that helpfully springs the blade free to prevent burns when removing smoking hot blades from the tool. But it also has to have a firm grip on the blade to prevent accidental release.

Bevel adjustments are one of the most common adjustments made on a jigsaw. Being able to set a slight back bevel for a tight scribe quickly and easily is a key factor in any jigsaw.

Cord length may seem like a minor feature, but one that can really make or break the utility of a tool. The team talked about it and reason that the 13 foot cord is the way to go because it allows you to work on 8 ft. stock on a bench that’s setup with power without needing an extension cord.

Bosch JS572EL

The Bosch JS572EL jigsaw had easy to set adjustments for speed, bevel, orbital action, dust blower and LED light switch. The Bosch JS572EL is a very straightforward tool to use. The bevel adjustment is tool-less with detents at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees.

The 13’ long cord has a swivel connector at the rear of the tool. This is a nice touch that allows the user to get into tighter spaces like cutting counter tops in place. The longer cord will allow set up at an onsite work bench without needing to get out an extension cord just to make a long cut.


The DEWALT is easy to use with tool-less blade changes with a large paddle, bevel settings and the most detents in the test at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

DEWALT did come up shortest on cord length at 7-1/2 feet.

We found the dial on the trigger for blade speed adjustments awkward and not as easy to use as electronically controlled dials found on the Bosch, Festool and Makita.

Festool Carvex PSB 420

The one negative issue with the Festool is that the stock baseplate has no bevel adjustment; so you need to buy the $105 angle base or the $200 accessory kit to do any angle cuts with this saw. This is where things get weird. The adjustable baseplate is a butterfly affair where both halves of the base plate articulate with a dial. The angle base does some things that a normal jigsaw can’t do, however it hinders some basic cutting operations as well.

The Carvex has a removable 13’ long cord that is compatible with other corded Festool tools. This makes for easy replacement in case of damage.

Makita 4350FCT

The blade release is quick, but it involves some plastic parts that may be prone to breakage, time will tell on this one. Bevel adjustment has no detents. Makita is also the only saw without tool-less bevel adjustments, which is disappointing. However the Allen key is the most secure we’ve seen. Makita tucked the Allen key unobtrusively into the baseplate of the saw.

At eight feet, the Makita has the second shortest cord in the test.

Milwaukee 6268-21

Blade changes are quick release and very secure on the Milwaukee. The bevel adjustment lever is large and tucked unobtrusively under the barrel of the saw. There are bevel stops at 0 and 45 degrees.

The cord is a generous 12’ 6” cord placing is just 6 inches behind the Bosch and Festool.

The only down side is the trigger dial for speed adjustment similar to DEWALT.

With these features the Milwaukee is a solid contender for ease of use and adjustments.

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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews Guide

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

memory foam mattress toppers

What’s the best best mattress topper? When you want to buy a mattress toppers, you want to be assured that you are buying the best. This can be done by reading sofa bed mattress and memory foam mattress reviews @FoamGlobes – memory foam mattress reviews, the best mattress ratings, prices and more.

Vera Wang Mattress

vera wang mattress

Models by Vera Wang mattresses:

Bridal Bed: it is very comfortable and soft vera wang mattress. It is very romantic looking. This bridal bed was also showcased in a show called Celebrity Apprentice. This is the most popular of all the Vera Wang Mattresses.

Sequin Bed mattress: This choice for people who love sophistication and elegance. It is great in the quality and highly elegant by looks.

Floral Bed Mattress: The name complements the bed perfectly. The bed is embossed with flowers and is especially for those people who love nature and want to be a part and parcel of it!

Sweetheart Bed Mattress: As the name suggests, it is a beautiful pattern for couples of any age. Though, many people choose beds just by comfort and price, seeing the variety at Vera Wang Mattresses, everyone gets tempted. Moreover you are always happier if you have more variety to choose from. At Vera Wang mattresses, sky is the limit, so long as variety is concerned!

The Mattresses from Specialty Collection
These mattresses are made up of memory foam and pure latex. Generally, we have seen that mattresses having springs, in them. These specialty mattresses do not have coil or spring in them. According to many people, these mattresses are more comfortable than the springed ones. Due to the memory foam, you feel relaxed and cradled. When you move in your sleep, it does not disturb your partner. Moreover, it is made in such a way that your pressure points get relaxed and you feel highly comfortable.

Vera Wang mattress with Latex
A bed with pure latex provides greater pressure relief than the memory foam ones. Vera Wang latex mattress is more breathable than the memory foam one! As people are discovering the benefits of the latex mattresses, they are becoming more and more popular in the market than the memory foam ones. Talking about the benefits, they are solution for allergies or asthma. Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic are the two properties of latex that makes it good for people with allergies.

According to reviews, all the Vera Wang mattresses are nicely made an offer a good balance of support and comfort. These Vera Wang Mattresses last for years and are a great investment for your house.

Kingsdown Mattresses

kingsdown mattress

The best mattress toppers: A&M, Kingsdown, Colgate, Simmons, Therapedic, Naturepedic, Sealy, Serta and other brands.

There are many types of mattresses available in the market. It does not matter whether you are looking for a good organic mattress or the best mattress for back pain, cot mattress – in any mattress store you can find it. However, kingsdown mattress is one the most famous mattress used, more often than any other mattresses. So, read our mattress toppers reviews, compare brands and find that you need.

Organic Mattress Topper

organic mattress topper


If you want your sleep to be comforting and not disturbing, latex mattress topper is the best solution for any sofa bed mattress. There are many reasons for its superiority. Rubber tree, from which we get latex is not only flexible but also gives, great health benefits. It is resistive to allergies. It has a better support and is mold resistant.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

electric mattress pad

Today many people suffer from back pain and looking for the best mattress topper for back pain or simply a good orthopedic mattress. And many of them are often wonder about the electric mattress pad. It is being introduced in recent times. If you want to save yourself from the excess cold at freezing winter nights, such mattress pad will surely come to your rescue.