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Born out of skinfluencer, Charlotte Palermino’s, desire to 'up' transparency across the beauty industry, Dieux Skin is built on the principles of accountability, honesty and nuance. Having made a splash on TikTok, with her candid opinions on skin care ingredients, the brand was born in 2020 with clinically vetted formulas and price transparency at its core. With science-first the collection includes solutions that hydrate, restore and protect your complexion.


Dieux Skin

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Launched during the height of the pandemic in 2020, Dieux Skin arrived with skin care essentials for consumers who were beginning to ask the right questions about the efficacy of what they were using. With the ethos of being transparent about its ingredients and the price of its products, Dieux Skin delivers solutions to your everyday complexion cravings. From the brands iconic reusable eye masks to hydrating heroes and more, this beauty brand is making an impact on how we see skin care.


Born in Bordeaux, France but growing up in New England America, Charlotte Palermino always had a deep-rooted interest in beauty. Writing for magazines and online media companies she was always on the pulse of the latest and greatest releases, but as she began to question the potency and efficacy of products she was writing about, she began to question their science and statements. Using TikTok to share her knowledge of formulas and ingredients caused her to go viral (multiple times may we add) and she continued to educate her audience on