I Like Our DirecTV Better Than the Old Cable We Had

We live out in the sticks. That is how my dad describes it. I don’t think it is too far out. We are only about 30 minutes from a big shopping plaza. However, we are so far out that you do not hear the highway at night, and we have well water and a septic tank. One thing we don’t have is cable TV. But, that is just fine with me because we do have DirecTV. In my opinion, it is so much better. It is cool how their system works.

At my grandparent’s house they do have cable. It is weird how their system works. Their kitchen is right off from the living room. In the living room they have a big screen TV. They have a smaller TV on a granite countertop that is a seating area to eat in their kitchen. Every TV in the house has to have a separate smaller cable box, but they are out of sync. If the same channel is on in the kitchen as in the living room, the sound is off by about four seconds. It will drive you crazy if someone in the kitchen is on the same channel because you keep hearing words repeated.

What I like about the DirecTV is that you get one main box, and the tiny boxes that go to other TV sets have full access to everything the main box has. You can be watching a DVR movie in one room and pick it up in the spot where you left off in another room. I like the capability of being able to record five different shows at once too. My family has different favorite shows, and some of them are on the same night at the same time. The old cable box would only record two shows at a time. This box records up to five depending on how many TVs are on in the house at one time.