Instructions For Avoiding A Worsened Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are small insects that feed solely off of human or animal blood. Many home owners and renters have had unfortunate experiences with these insects infesting their homes. Homes don’t have to be particularly dirty for an infestation to occur. Most infestations happen after a person has been traveling away from the residence or if they have recently purchased a piece of furniture from a warehouse or used furniture store.

These creatures can easily be brought home. They can hide in luggage, clothes, used furniture, and other items. They don’t nest like other insects and prefer to live in group hiding spots. If ever waking up to bed bug sores across the skin, these are the ideal instructions to follow:

  1. Immediately remove mattress, box springs, pillows, and linens from the house. Place these items away from the residence.
  2. Change clothing and shower.
  3. Bag the clothes and throw them away in an outdoor garage can. Do not store these clothes with other dirty clothes.
  4. Treat the bug bite wounds to keep them from becoming infected or swollen.
  5. Research viable pest control companies to exterminate the remaining insects.

Following these steps can help avoid a worsened infestation. Some home owners even recommend sealing doors to keep the bugs contained in a single room. It’s best to keep animals away from the infestation as well.

While these insects’ bites are painful, they do not carry diseases. People who have small bumps from their bites do not have to worry about disease transmission. However, the itching and loss of sleep are sincere problems. Severely scratching the bites can also lead to a secondary skin condition if the wounds become infected. It’s best to use an antiseptic cream or lotion on the bites. Some people even recommend taking an antihistamine to deter any type of allergic reaction or extreme inflammation.

The best way to remove these insects from the home is by calling a pest control company. If renting an apartment, renters should talk to their landlord before hiring a company. Some landlords have clauses in their lease agreement that protect renters and will cover for any extermination fees since they are the official owners of the residence. Home owners will need to find a reputable exterminator with affordable prices and a quick reactionary period to have the problem solved as immediately as possible.