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Born from humble beginnings as an old-world apothecary, Kiehl’s began its beauty journey offering its customers homeopathic and herbal remedies. Dreaming up unique formulas since 1851, the brand prides itself on products made with naturally derived, skin-loving ingredients, while blurring the lines between science and nature. Rooted in expert advice and innovative formulas, Kiehl’s creates skin, body and hair care that respects, restores and helps strengthen your protective barrier for a healthy, happy glow.


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Founded in 1851 as an old-world apothecary, Kiehl’s began serving patrons at the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue, New York. As one of the first companies to proudly list its ingredients on its packaging, the skin care specialist dreamt up solutions to strengthen your barrier for a healthy, happy glow. Fast forward to today, and Kiehl’s continues to create skin, body and hair care that bridges the gap between science and nature.


While Kiehl’s was first founded in 1851, it wasn’t until 1894 when pharmacist John Kiehl took over the apothecary and transformed it into “Kiehl Pharmacy”. After working alongside his apprentice – Mr. Irving Morse – for many years, John decided to hand over the business to his esteemed colleague. It was at this moment Irving began to expand Kiehl Pharmacy’s offering, serving his customers with everything from teas and herbs to the brand’s first ever product – the Original Musk Oil. The rest is as they say history…


As one of the first companies to proudly display its ingredients list on its packaging (before it became mandatory, of course), Kiehl’s understands the importance of using formulas that will both complement and treat your skin. Paying homage to the brand’s apothecary roots, each and every product combines naturally derived ingredients with science. While it’s not-so-secret ingredient, squalane replenishes the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and moisturised, other skin care saviours such as calendula, beech tree extract and avocado oil all work together to nourish and tackle targeted concerns.