Looking for Issues with a Home Foundation

Before purchasing a new home, it makes sense to have the house inspected. Along with the wiring and the plumbing, it is also important to determine if the foundation is sound. Since a foundation that has seen better days will have a serious impact on the entire structure, it pays to be aware of these common signs that something is wrong.

Broken Grout

Look closely at the grout found in the kitchen and bathroom. When the foundation is still strong, there will be no signs of the tiles separating from the grout. If that foundation is beginning to fail, there is a good chance that the grout will not touch the tiles in at least a couple of places. A professional can take a look and determine just how serious the situation happens to be.

The Door and Window Frames are Out of Line

Check around the window and door frames and see if they seem to fit flush with the interior and exterior walls. Tiny cracks or gaps could be signs of normal settling, or they could be indications that something more severe is taking place. The only way to be sure is to have a contractor check the foundation and see if it is still solid.

The Floors are Not Right

A weakening foundation can cause more than one type of problem with the floors. While they may look even, look closely for any signs that planks or tiles are moving away from one another. It may not seem like a big thing, but separation of the floor components is a clear indicator that the foundation is not as strong as it needs to be.

For any potential buyer who believes something is not quite right with a home he or she is considering, it never hurts to request that the current owner have the foundation inspected. It is possible to click here for more info about contacting a professional, scheduling the inspection, and what to expect once the contractor has conducted a thorough examination. Remember that identifying and resolving a problem now will save a lot of expense and frustration later on.