Pets Can Suffer From Skin Issues Much Like Their Human Companions

Pet owners will tell you that our animal friends are closer to us than we ever imagined. Not only do they enjoy many of the same foods and hobbies as their human companions, but our domestic pets unfortunately share many of our medical problems as well. To meet the goals of animals and their medical needs, the field of veterinarian medicine has worked tirelessly to make sure their training meets this demand.

Much like human beings, cats and dogs can have allergic reactions to things in their environment. It could be something in the atmosphere either inside or outside of their homes. They could also have a reaction to grasses, shrubs and pollen in the air. These allergens can not only interfere with their respiratory systems, but create allergic reactions that affect areas of their skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body for a person and it is much the same with animals except for the fact that their skin is covered with fur, feathers or scales. Finding a rash or abrasion on the skin therefore takes more skill on the part of any veterinarian treating their patient.

Pet owners generally sense something is wrong when their pet is seen scratching or licking one area of the body for an extended period of time. The animal may additionally be rubbing themselves against the ground or be exhibiting similar behaviors. It is at this time that a concerned owner will phone their vet or simply take their pet to an animal medical center.

The first thing that a veterinarian will do is question the pet owner about everything their animal has eaten or been in contact with. A full physical examination will take place. Skin scrapings, a fecal test and a blood panel may also be obtained to gain new insights into what may be happening to the patient internally.

With a proper diagnosis, change of diet or prescription, most animals recover fully. To learn more about dermatology for pets, visit the web pages of This website is sponsored by the Northeast Vet Dermatology group, a veterinary practice that works with a variety of animals to give them healthy, happy and fuller lives.