Reference to an Old Memory

My father used to watch a cartoon when he was a child about a boy who got socks for Christmas. He always enjoyed seeing the look on the boy’s face after he opens the box and sees a pair of socks in there. My brother and I thought it would be funny to get him a pair of socks, so we found a website that lets anyone order custom socks. To make it even funnier, we ordered socks that had a picture of the boy from the cartoon on them.

To make the surprise of the socks even bigger, my brother came up with the idea of putting the socks in a small box, and then putting that box in a bigger box, and then putting that one in a bigger one. The multiple boxes would make our father think that the present we got him was something big, but after opening them, he would see that it was only something small. We stuffed the boxes with some packaging material so that the boxes on the inside wouldn’t move around and give away the big surprise, and then wrapped the big one with wrapping paper and put a big bow and some ribbons on it.

On Christmas day, my brother and I gave the box to our father. He shook the box to guess what was inside of it, but couldn’t figure it out. As he opened the first box, he was surprised to see another box inside of it. Then he opened and saw the second box, and was confused. Once he opened the final box and saw the socks in them, he started laughing uncontrollably. It was one of the funniest presents that he had ever received. He put the socks on and kept them on the whole day.