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The Value of Rope Lighting

You can find LED lights everywhere nowadays; in markets, on streets, in houses and apartments, and in office buildings. LED rope lights have become very popular. Little LEDs are strung together to look like a rope, these lights can be used to accent any surface.

There are a couple benefits to LED rope lights, in some applications they can last up to ten years and they do not give off any heat. This lets the user string the lights in places that are more difficult to get to because they do not have to worry about replacing any of the lights for a long time. These lights are not a fire hazard, which allows them to be fit into tight spaces and along any surface.

Rope lights can be used in a number of applications and markets but one of the main uses is in the commercial setting. They work good in commercial applications because they last a long time and they require little to no maintenance. Investors really like the lights because they offer great quality and are very reliable. Most of the time the lights are bought up front and the value lasts long after the money has cleared.

You will need to figure out if you want low cost or of you want to pay more for quality. This is a basic economic dilemma most people deal with multiple time every day. When it comes to this situation you will have to look at the future value of your decision, LED lights will hold their value for years and years. LED lights do cost more in the beginning but they will save on your energy bill for their life time. This means over their lifetime they could actually pay for themselves and save you money over time. The difference between LED lights and traditional lights could be as much as 10%.

One example that we can use is with Christmas decorations, let’s say you have been ordered with creating a decorations for a new commercial enterprise that everyone in town will come out to see. You could keep the costs low by getting traditional rope light. If one of the lights or the whole string goes out then the whole theme could be ruined.

Before making a purchases you should consider the life of each product. Conventional lights have a rating of 25,000 hours. While LED rope lights have rating of 100,000 hours, this means they are expected to last 4 times longer. Traditional lights are more susceptible to the environment, and these numbers to not take this into account.