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The Difference Between LED and Neon Lights

For a long time, digital advertising has been taken as a preserve for the big companies. However, small business have joined the bandwagon and are leaving nothing to chance when it these opportunities for creative and effective advertising. However, anybody using digital display advertising for the first time would be in a dilemma between choosing an LED display or a neon display. If you are in a similar position, which one should you go for?

There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between LED and neon lighting. Most of these revolve around the prices, maintenance costs, as well as installation. There are also some other factors that as a buyer you need to consider personally since most of them are down to personal preference. These include the space taken by the signs, brightness, and whether or not the can handle animations.

For anybody looking to purchase high performing bulbs and signage at a friendly price, it would be wise enough to go for LED lighting since they are approximately 10% cheaper than neon lights. Although this many not seem much on the first look, but if you were to purchase in bulk, it makes more sense. Additionally, neon lights will be more expensive to maintain.

It’s easier to ship and install LED lights because they are lighter and thinner compared to neon signs. Also, they don’t take as much space as neon light signs would. After installation, you won’t have to do much maintenance since they can be cleaned easily and retain their brightness for a long period.

LEDs also better neon lights when it comes to energy conservation. It is said that they consume 8% less electricity than neon lights. For anybody who needs lighting that doesn’t pollute the environment that much, LED would be a great choice. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the tubes breaking and emitting toxic fumes. Another advantage is that they don’t get hot when in use for long. You’ll also have no worries about them flickering or burning out easy.

In terms of display, LED signs are clearer than neon ones. When you look at neon lights from a distance, they normally appear blurred while LED lights retain their brightness. They will always be bright and clear and showcase the signs or even animations properly. Also, they can be used in glaring sunlight since it has little effect on their display capabilities.

LEDs have more advantages than neon lights despite the latter being used widely in advertising. They are not only good for signs containing animation, but are also long lasting.

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